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The following is a list of our course options and their respective costs per year. The Board of Education requires each student to have three years of schooling in order to graduate with a degree. The cost for a second year is equal to the cost of the first, and a third year, which entails only part time study, is half the cost of one year. We have thirty five twelfth graders who wish to continue on to higher education and pursue one or two of the following tracks.

Course Options Cost Per Year Total Cost
Alternative Medicine $3,600 $9,000
Architecture and Interior Design $6,000 $15,000
Bookkeeping $3,100 $7,900
Computer Graphics $2,640 $6,600
Early Childhood Education $4,300 $10,750
Exercise and Hydrotherapy $3,600 $9,000
General Education $2,330 $5,825
Medical Secretary $2,5000 $6,250
Performing Arts ⁄ Productions $3,470 $8,675
Special Education $4,950 $12,375

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