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Your father, Rabbi Stern, was a wonderful, kind, compassionate man that never lost his optimism or drive in making the world a better place for the less fortunate. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. – Freeport, NJ

He was a great humanitarian and his dedication went beyond words. He will be sorely missed by all. Mr. and Mrs. M. D. – Syosset, NY

Wishing BL much continued success with Rabbi Stern's love and legacy guiding the agency and all of us M'shamayim [from Heaven]. Mr. H. N. – Hillcrest, NY

Rabbi Stern will always be remembered for his kindness and warm smile. He gave his whole heart to doing what he did best – helping those wonderful children at BL. We will miss his calls of "hello" which always came with a cute story or some Devrei Torah [Torah thoughts]. Mr. and Mrs. A. F

I honestly think he was a Saint on earth. Mr. I. S. – Caracus, Venezuela

Your father was a true gadol [great man] who devoted his life to benefit others. Not many of us leave this world having made it a better place. Mr. L. S. – New Rochelle, NY

He will be missed but will be remembered as living a life of Chesed [kindness] that has changed the lives of so many. Mr. and Mrs. R. K. – Woodmere, NY

He was such a wonderful example to all of us on how to make Chesed [kindness] the growth in Torah life priorities. Mr. R. H. – Beverly Hills, CA

We owe him a tremendous Hakaras Hatov [gratitude] for giving us the opportunity to partake in his work… he has brought Klal Yisroel [People of Israel] closer to Moshiach [Messiah]! Mr. and Mrs. S. M. – Flushing, NY

He was firm but endearing in the way he would perform his duties on behalf of his organization… His calls, his emails, his Divrei Bracha [blessings] and his balanced and loving representation of the organization helped make gifts like mine, and I am sure many others, possible. He was truly a person of great character and Chesed [kindness] and will be missed by all. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. – Bergenfield, NY

I – we – BL – Klal Yisrael [People of Israel] and my family have lost a good friend and Ohev Yisrael [loved others]. I learned a lot from him. He will be sorely missed. Mr. and Mrs. E. G.– Flushing, NY

Rabbi S. Stern is surely "irreplaceable and missed" every day, for all his kindness, devotion, talent and hard work on behalf of the wonderful institution… Your father's extraordinary legacy will live on, in you, your family, and in all those devoted to the school. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. – NY, NY

His kindness and complete dedication to raise all of these girls in the path of Torah, serve as the biggest Chesed [kindness] a man can perform on earth. May his memory be blessed for generations to come. He was a true inspiration to all of us. Mrs. S. B. – Far Rockaway, NY

If you save one life you save a world. Rabbi Samuel Stern saved thousands of lives. His good deeds and memory will be with us forever. Dr. S. F. – San Francisco, CA

He was a very important person in my life… I cannot express fully my admiration for your husband's sheer persistence in the Mitzva of Tzedaka [good deeds of charity]. I know no one, and I do know many fundraisers, who worked so consistently and so hard to raise funds. His tireless, full–hearted dedication to the very difficult work of raising funds, sometimes in hard times, has been and will continue to be an inspiration. Dr. and Mrs. D. B.– Atlanta, GA

From what we get we can make a living, from what we give we can make a life. Rabbi Stern was someone who made many lives. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. – Tarzana, CA

I have cherished his letters and the memories of our meeting in Jerusalem. Rabbi Dr. S. C. – Australia

He really made this his life's mission and if it weren't for him, we wouldn't know of BL. He dealt with my grandmother and continiued all the way through to me. Mr. I. C. – New York, NY

He was a teacher, Rabbi, and untiring worker for Tzadaka [charity], especially BL. It is incalculable to ascertain how many young lives he helped through his work, his kindness and his unbelievable dedication to the home. It was an honor to have known him. Mr. C. B. S. – Teaneck, NJ

Rabbi Stern zt"l was like a father to all of us and we will sorely miss his good nature, wonderful jokes, and tremendous Avodas Hashem . Mr. and Mrs. A. N. – Teaneck, NJ

We will miss him and remember his extraordinary dedication and devotion. Mr. R. L. – Brooklyn, NY

He was always ready with a kind word, an interesting story, a humorous anecdote and of course an enlightening D'var Torah [Torah thoughts]. It was a pleasure to spend time with him whether at meetings, dinners or even Chanukah Lecht [lighting]. We have great respect for the many acts of chessed and kindness he did for others not only at the institution, but also all over the world. Mr. and Mrs. S. O. – Toronto, Canada

While I didn't know your father for very long, I was deeply impressed with him, his work and his considerable accomplishments. Mr. S. P. – Monsey, NY

He always seemed larger than life in my eyes. Such a big heart that always showed me kindness. Tears are dropping… I'm so sorry to hear this. Mrs. R. K. – Passaic, NJ

Rabbi Stern gave us a tour and his eyes just shone as he spoke about his goals and dreams for BL and of course about his beloved girls. Each thank you letter from Rabbi Stern was so personal (we kept them all) and so genuinely warm. Mrs. R. B. – Miami, FL

He was a wonderful, loving, and great man who brightened this world with his presence and good deeds. I believe his legacy must continue to provide a loving surrounding for thousands of additional girls without appropriate homes. The memory of a loving, thoughtful, caring and truly great man will, for all of us, be a blessing. Mr. M. M.– New York, NY

It was always a pleasure to hear from him and to tap into his enthusiasm and sincerity. He was a father to all these girls, to whom he showed true caring and sympathy. Mrs. J. C. – Oak Park, MI

Although I only met him once, my son and I, who was with me that day in Jerusalem, found him to be a man of great charisma, knowledge and insight, and he made a real impact on my son and me that day. The Jewish community has lost another "G'dolei Hador" [leader of the generation] and for that we are all saddened. Mr. and Mrs. M. R. – Miami, FL

I have no words to express the depth of our loss, of our dear friend, mentor, advisor, Rabbi, father, administrator and mentch, Rabbi Samuel Isaac. Just last month I heard of our loss and it taken me time to express myself. Rabbi and Mrs. A. T. – Detroit, MI

He was a wonderful Rabbi, man, father, and on and on (not enough English words). The T. Family – Detroit, MI

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